Kunststof Industrie Nijmegen B.V.

De Biezen 3
6541 BN Nijmegen
The Netherlands

:+31(0)24 378 39 95
:+31(0)24 377 47 91
: info@kinbv.nl  
: Arnhem 10028212


KIN B.V. is your supplier of open cell and closed cell foam rubber. KIN B.V. is a manufacturer of foam rubber rolls and foam rubber sheets. KIN B.V. splits closed cell rubber foam blocks or foam rubber buns into foam rubber rolls.

We dilever closed cell foam rubber in the Netherlands and we also export to Belgium, Germany, France and other European countries.

We sell different types of cellular rubber:
neoprene foam rubber (CR),EPDM cellular rubber, NBR / PVC foam rubber (nitrile), NO foam rubber. We also cut your materials at the hourly rate.

We also cut plastic foams:
polyurethane foam, polyurethane foam, polyester foam, PE cell foam, EVA rubber, foam and many other materials. 

We also sell neoprene sponge rubber. Neoprene rubber available in many different colors:
blue neoprene, neoprene red, green neoprene, neoprene black, orange neoprene, neoprene gray, yellow neoprene, neoprene purple and more.